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Dedication and Service

Our Mission:
As the service arm of Redeemer Lutheran Church, the Center of Faith exists to serve the material, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community within the 5-mile radius around Redeemer.

Our Vision:
The Center of Faith envisions an ecumenical, community-based organization, partnering with a variety of professionals and volunteers to lessen the effects of poverty in our community.

Our Values:
The Center of Faith values Ecumenism Various faith groups working together to serve others who...
Community-based locally and experience data-supported needs...
Organization ...through a well-run, effective organization that utilizes...
Partnerships ...bringing together a variety of resources, including...
Professionals ...professional counselors, therapists, and others...
Volunteers contribute to the well-being of our community.


Where Passion and Dedication Meet

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are at the heart of what we do, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the work of our Non-Profit forward. Without them, CenterofFaith would not be where it is today. Meet some of our team members below.




An invaluable part of the CenterofFaith staff and leadership, Becky Wade has witnessed the continued evolution of our programs from that start. With extensive experience in both the non-profit and private sectors, Becky Wade offers a unique skill set that ensures undeniable impact.


Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Robin Balsamo. I have been married to my husband Ted for 35 years, and am a mother of two boys(actually young men!), Nicolas and Anthony. I have been a member of Redeemer for nearly 20 years. I love working with Becky in community engagement, and am the volunteer coordinator for the food bank. I started serving for the food bank during the pandemic and love helping with this outreach so much!



Mark Aronson has been a member of RLC for eight years. He recently served on RLC’s Board of Directors and is currently working with the team to grow the Small Group ministry program at RLC, in addition to his work with the CoF. Mark is married to Mariane and has two grown children and two grandchildren. Mark and Marianne live in Midlothian and he works at DuPont.


Aimie has been a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church for the past 17 years. During that time, she led a confirmation class for several years, helped with Sunday School, Childrens’ Church, VBS, and served on the Search Committee for a Director of Family and Youth Ministry. During Covid, she, Becky Wade and Caitlin Coleman began the Redeemer Food Distribution Program. This prompted the beginning of the Center of Faith.


Aimie’s background is in Special Ed, primarily dyslexia. She taught and tutored for several years before taking time off to raise her family. She served on the Riverside School Board for many years and is currently chairing the Riverside Advisory Board. She volunteered as an English tutor for several years at Anna Julia Cooper School in Richmond. She and her husband Michael have been blessed with 34 years of marriage and three wonderful children, who are scattered all over the world.

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